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Are you unhappy with the amount of customers you are getting?

SEO is the most important marketing investment for your Business. When you want to find someone what do you do? Google it right? So the full term of SEO is search engine optimization. So if you want to show your business website into those rankings then there is no other way to do it without SEO. Pxicode provides you an affordable SEO service which will increase your customers. We are affordable local seo expert in NYC.

Pxicode Offers

Benefits For Choosing Pxicode

50% new sales
With our SEO package, our customers get up to 50% more sales than usual.
Increase on recommendations
More than 30% of subscribers have come to our clients, on the recommendation of the mailing.
Long time Customers
One of the other benefits for you that with our search engine optimization package you gets long time clients.
Payback in 2 Month
You will get your invested money within 2 months with the new clients you will have from our SEO.
30% of repeat sales
You will also have repeat sales from your services. For many years we have seen this with new clients if they are satisfied they love to hire over and over again.
More money from the customer
A customer brings in an average of 2-3 times by staying loyal customer forever. We have experience that our SEO clients have this benefit too.

The benefit of Doing SEO for Your Business?

The real digital landscape of website dramatically changes in past few years. However, the SEO is still an effective strategy for digital marketing of your business. Because it is still considered as an effective marketing strategy to widen your business through the huge online market.

Boost the Rate of Traffic:

To boost your website traffic and rank your business website on google search result there is no alternative to SEO. If your website is not rank then you will not get your proper sell or impression. A website with proper optimized tags and description help you to increase the rate of clicks of your business website. So if you want to increase the rate of traffic for your website then contact us today as we are the best local SEO expert in NYC.

Return on Investment (ROI:

Through a proper SEO, you will get the traceable and calculable the result. It will also help you to get the demographic information and other engagement metrics. Via those result, you can refine your target customer for digital marketing and rank your business website.

Pulls-in Actual Traffic:

The search engine traffic is considered as the most important and valuable traffic. Through a proper SEO, you can get that qualified traffic for your business. Because only search engine traffics are highly interested in your products and services./p>

Increase Brand Value:

SEO helps to increase your brand value through some awareness of your business traffic. Awareness is very important for any business. If your targeted customer is aware of your business, they can shop or take your services in near futures.

Click Rate Increase to 90% than PPC:

SEO does not allow paid advertising. Therefore, you can get your organic listing clicks. You know, maximum people skip the paid advertisement while searching.

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