About Pxicode

For more than 8+ years we’ve successfully offered the best business solutions to our clients to maximize their business ROI. That’s why we are the best web design company right now in Newyork. If you have an idea to start then Let our specialized experts convert that into a success story for you.

Intelligent Planning + Modern Design + Branding + Marketing = Success Business story

Pxicode offers you a brilliant and creative work with an affordable price that you can afford to grow your business. Whether you are a big or mid-size company pxicode provide you the best solution for your business. If you have any question then contact us today for a free consultation.

A digital platform based in NYC that helps business owners to grow their business and maximize their business ROI with the help of pxicode experts.

Founded in 2010, we are an affordable digital agency and best web design company who provide their service throughout the world. Our goal is to provide superior & professional solutions for clients business needs. We are focus on marketing, leads, sales growth and engagement.

Our main aim is to provide digital business solutions for business owners. Some of the top services we provides is digital marketing, web development, search engine optimization, graphics design etc.. If you are looking for best web design company in newyork then contact us today.

We are located in 8773 Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11435. Feel free to contact us anytime so that we can grab a cup of coffee and discuss your business needs.

Framework, Development and Design

Our process is very simple and easy to understand. Before we do anything we listen then we discuss with you. We have the tradition of excellence and the proven method of a process to success. We always customize our process based on our clients need to suit better for your business goals and we work to redefine the digital experience in your industry. All work is completed onsite, in our Newyork office by us. We don’t outsource your project to anyone. So feel free to discuss your business needs with us.

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Step 1: Requirements Analysis

First of all, we give you a FREE consultation to discuss with you what you really want, what are your requirements and what is the deadline you will allow us to do the project. But we need at least 10 business days to complete a project starting from Consultation.

Step 2: Estimation

After collecting the requirements from you our analyst will observe all the things and get back to you with a time frame.

Step 3: Design

For design, we have 4 things to say and that is Shapes, color, Look and feel. That what we do in our Design part.

Step 4: Development

After the approval of your design now comes the next phrase that is Development. We provide top notch development for your business so that you can run your business easily and comfortably. 

Step 5: Submission

After the development part comes to the submission. We submit your project before the deadline arrives. So far we never miss any deadline for our client’s project. We know how important it is to submit a project before the deadline.

Step 6: Revisions

After the revisions, if anything needs to be changed then we will do it for you. Generally, we take up to 2 revisions after the project submits to you.

Why we are the best web design company in NYC?

When it comes to the tech related stuffs, then we will say that we know what we are doing. And that’s the only thing which makes us unique and best web design company from our competitors. Pxicode specializes in helping small and medium-size businesses get up to speed with the help of technology. All the solution for your business growth we have it cover for you. In short, we can tell you that,

“Pxicode is the ultimate solution for your business growth and business ROI”

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