Average Cost of Website Design for Small Business

For turning your small business into more profitable business a website is very important. Nevertheless, not only a nice looking website should be consider as a magical thing. Most important things are good quality, proper function, informative and obviously an attractive looking. Because, the above qualities ensure your overall success in your business. However, to sum up the entire thing into one you have to spend some money for this. The entire thing depends on how the good quality and functionality of your website is! Here some ideas for you to measure the website design cost for a small business.

Domain Registration and Hosting Services: The most important thing before developing or designing is domain registration and hosting. Because for run a website you should buy a domain, which should be similar as your company name. The general cost of a domain usually $15 per year, but if you like to buy a premier domain then you have to pay more than thousand bucks for that. Besides, hosting is relatively cheap rather than domain. You can take hosting services both monthly and yearly basis. Based on your company contents, traffics statistics the price of hosting varies from $15 to more than $500 per year.

Template Design and Logo: You should design a template for your website. Moreover, there should be a logo. For this, you have to pay around $30 per hour for logo and other customs graphics. For template design, you should pay a little bit more. However, if you are a starter then you can reduce the template design cost by download and custome some free template from different website.

Contents Creation: A website without proper content is more likely a vacuum glass chamber. Therefore, to engage your website traffics there should be a good number of quality full contents. For quality full contents, you have to spend around $20 per hour.

Coding for Functionality and Features: For develop your website dynamically you need to hire some programmer or developer to build functions and features for your website. For this you should have pay a little bit high amount than others. The average rate to hire professional developers can be around $50-$100 per hour.

The above factors are the important factors where you have to spend your investment. For considering the initial development for the first month and one year domain and hosting charges the average cost for design a small business website will be around $500-$700. This cost may be reduce if you are good at some factors that mentioned above or hire local web designers. It also can be increase if you hire the professional people and like to get the premier services.